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Bill also does voice-overs, give a listen:
Commercial Demo
Narration Demo
Bill plays 45-55, blue-collar, middle class, or the authority figure: Good guy - BAD guy, cop - criminal, construction guy, manager - mobster - monster. All played with an imposing or impish style.
Others think
Bill plays like: Jackie Gleason, Paul Sorvino, Paul Giamatti, John Belushi, Ned Beatty, Raymond Burr, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Here is my Headshot with both pics.

Bill Sarkisian Comedy Reel

Bill Sarkisian Drama Reel

Here are a few audiobook demos. I just booked Condiment Wars, coming to Amazon soon!

Condiment Wars: A parody of Adventure, By Jill Cooper
Stuck with a Stiff, By D. D. Scott, David Slegg
The Brass Ring, A Sort of Memoir.  By Bill Mauldin
The White Paper Marketing Handbook by Bob Bly

Bus Station Bathroom (Bill appears throughout)

The First Letter, Part 1 (Bill appears throughout-it was too long for YouTube)

The First Letter, Part 2 (Bill appears throughout-it was too long for YouTube)

10 Ways to Get Fired (Bill appears in 3 scenes)

Thisindiething, Ep. 12 -- Love That Cookie, Teddy Jackson (Bill appears in 1 scene)

No Vacancy (Bill appears after kid dies and enters elevator)

It's Always Sunny Scene (Bill appears throughout)